Fascinated by the phenomenon of seemingly unresolvable contradictions, Swiss artist Beat Zoderer explores the simultaneity of order and chaos and of the everyday world and art. In this, he uses a surprising and ironic game with the stringency and rationality of concrete art.

Our exhibition title refers to Zoderer’s method — visual interferences. Zoderer employs superimposition and overlapping both in a conceptual and a material and aesthetic sense. Whether in small works on paper or large-scale installations, Beat Zoderer layers, collages, and structures coloured lines, circles, and squares. At first view, the works often look like paintings, but a closer look reveals that these works are sculptures and reliefs made of everyday materials like sticky labels, tin, and PVC. All of his works share an appeal to look again, and his art intends to sharpen our perception, and also — due to its trivial materials and composition — to ask how art is defined.

The exhibition is curated by Beat Zoderer himself. It does not follow any strict chronology, but rather aims to create a memorable interplay of individual works. From one gallery to the next, you can take in the artist’s playful use of form, colour, space, and material.