The departure point for the exhibitions based on the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection in 2019 is Turgut Uyar, who is considered to be a pioneer in Modern Turkish poetry. The exhibition They are Uttered and Left Unfinished All the Loves in the World II interprets the recently acquired works in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection together with the changing architecture of the Haunted Mansion, to look at how poetry and visual forms create images together. Through the transformative power of poetry, the exhibition aims to bring new perspectives to the contemporary art exhibition of new media works that have been realized through digital means using contemporary technology.

The exhibition, which brings together works of important contemporary artists, uses Turgut Uyar’s (1927-1985) lines—as powerful today as they were at the time of writing—to guide the viewers in a novel way. The “experimental” works of artists from across the world, ranging in media from video sculpture to photography, neon installations to interactive reliefs, reveal representations of the digital revolution that has rapidly taken over daily life. It is not possible to group these different interpretations under different shared denominators—the works refer to the different economic, social, aesthetic problems of our day, inviting viewers to shed their passiveness and to become active. The works visualize what Uyar aptly describes in his poetry as “today’s problems.” The exhibition thus presents contemporary metaphors to show “permeable” problems and answers.

Artists : Ruby Anemic, Boomoon, Choe U-Ram, Lynn Davis, David Drebin, Ulrich Erben, Ayse Erkmen, Dominic Harris, Axel Hütte, Chen Jiagang, Ola Kolehmainen, Brigitte Kowanz, Kalliopi Lemos, Niko Luoma, Robert Mapplethorpe, Domingo Milella, Miru Kim, Merve Sendil, Roman Signer, Ricardo van Steen, Wang Sishun, Michael Wolf, Charles Xelot, Ekrem Yalcindag, Héctor Zamora, Jerry Zeniuk, Beat Zoderer, Marina Zurkow, Allard van Hoorn, Erdal İnci