In an age that's urgently reassessing identity and reflecting on mortality, I is Other explores the possibilities of self-portraiture. Building from I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE AGAIN’s concern with the vitality of figuration in the context of contemporary life, I is Other reflects upon the increased presence of the genre as artists address not just what the world looks like, but how to depict themselves within it— how they see, and are seen in return. The exhibition includes works by artists already working directly with the depiction of self, but also by artists who have more oblique or unexplored relationships to self- portraiture. For some, it's the first time. The artists in I is Other represent a chorus of voices reimagining what it can mean to depict bodies, "selves", and identities.

Artists: Farley Aguilar, Marcel Alcalá, Sara Anstis, Anthony Cudahy, Chelsea Culprit, Sarah Faux, Bambou Gili, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Rosa Loy, Shala Miller, Nicolette Mishkin, Keith Mayerson, Tammy Nguyen, Kathy Ruttenberg, Lucas Samaras, Mira Schor, Paulina Stasik, Nadia Waheed, Lily Wong, Anthony Peyton, Young, Phumelele Tshabalala