Discoteca Analitica proposes an analysis of the relation between art and technologies through the prism of the Discotheque. This multimedia environment that was invested by various artist groups of the sixties oscillates ambiguously between the radical ambitions of the counterculture and the rapidly expanding leisure
industry of the time.
The exhibition focuses on the multimedia environment as a model for artists and thinkers of the time to explore the emergence of electronic medias, psychedelic imagination, the impact of the technological shock on subjectivities. The exhibition presents works and documents that explode the usual canon of contemporary art to foster a more general conversation on the culture of the time: from expanded cinema, sound, design, radical architecture, dance and performance. In the exhibition, the thirst for extatic experience of the sixties discotheque is put in conversation with works by contemporary artists that discuss the ambiguous legacy of multimedia for our present attention capture environment.
Discoteca Analitica has the ambition to address critical notions of reconstitution and immersion by questionning the visitor’s experience. Our curatorial concerns will address immersion and participation both in a sensual and intellectual way. For this, the selection of works will enter in discussion with the exhibition’s various room atmospheres. In the exhibition successive « ambiances » are created through contrasted display modes that address the artificialisation of the built environment.

The exhibition is based on a vaste ongoing consistent research and conversations with key players of the 60s intermedia and counterculture. It will assemble for the first time rare archival material as well as numerous original works around and about the affectively charged and fantacised total environment of the sixties discotheque.

Our generation is constantly involved with ethic and social debates on the becomings of Artificial Intelligence and technologies that shape the social and redefine relations of the private to the public as well as gender constructions. Discoteca Analitica projects an archeology of electronic media in the form of an exhibition. This to measure the distance but also the hallucinated proximities our present still has with that peculiar moment in time that looks at us from afar.

Commissaire de l'exposition: Nicolas Brulhart

Avec de œuvres, documents d'archive et textes de:
Edmund Alleyn, Maryanne Amacher, Roy Ascott, Steward Brand, Udo Breger, John Brockman, Angela Bulloch, William S. Burroughs, Judy Chicago, Gianni Colombo, Constant, Creamcheese Düsseldorf, François Dallegret, Öyvind Fahlström, G.R.A.V., Gruppo 9999, Anna and Lawrence Halprin, Catherine Christer Hennix, Hans Hollein, Derek Jarmann, Morag Keil, Timothy Leary, Léa Lublin, Tobias Madison, Tony Martin, Marie Matusz, Pauline Oliveros, Walter Pichler, The Psychedelic Theater, Cedric Price, PULSA Group, Paul Ryan, Carolee Schneemann, Nicolas Schöffer, Ramon Sender, Willoughby Sharp, Jeffrey Shaw, Gerd Stern, Morton Subotnik, Superstudio, USCO, Ma Ye, and many more.