Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford’s oeuvres address one of paintings primordial subjects, that of exploring the experience of perception, by dissecting the different degrees that lie between the vision of the real object and its painted image.

Whether it’s a question of Sfumato pushed to its limits or an atmospheric perspective, the blur of a 35mm camera or the pixelisation of low definition images, frost on the glass of a window or a ghostly apparition, the blurred vision of a newborn baby or the fading sight of an old man, the mist that enshrouds Kevin Ford’s images, through its strange familiarity, immediately awakens fertile realms of the imaginary.

Whether we glance fleetingly at things or carefully examine them in detail, objects and beings become fixed in our visual memory and it is precisely these reminiscences that Kevin Ford’s paintings seek to capture, emphasizing the remoteness of original memories through the vaporous aspect of their depiction. It is as if the images were haunted, their haziness reinforcing their spectral state, while it is unclear if this presages a gradual fading away or a reinvention.

Each painting is devoted to a single motif and the sequence of images gives the impression of a picture book, with its recurring depictions of flowers, jugs and seagulls, or of an inventory of a sensory universe and an attempt to apprehend the world.

His work has been included in solo exhibitions at TOPS Gallery, Memphis, TN, Lukasc Gallery at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, and at MARCH Gallery, New York, NY. His work has been included in group exhibitions at Kate Werble Gallery, NY, Casey Kaplan Gallery, NY, Essex Flowers, NY, The Islip Art Museum, NY, Tops Gallery, TN among others. His work has been featured in V Magazine, included in the book Artists II, published by Steidl, and has been reviewed in ARTFORUM, the New York Times, among other publications.