Yuen-Yeung is an exhibition of multi-disciplinary works by cross-generational artists presented at Shanghai K11 Art Mall. The title of the show, inspired by the classic Cantonese drink, a delicious blend of coffee and tea, celebrates how unusual pairings can develop into new flavours and unexpected results.

Organised by Art-Bureau founding partners Ed Tang and Jonathan Cheung, the 21 works included are all loaned from collections that work with Art-Bureau in various capacities, alongside works created specifically for the show.

The starting point of the show is Bruce Nauman’s ‘Good Boy Bad Boy’ (1985) – an iconic two-channel video. In ‘Good Boy Bad Boy’, the viewer is at once confronted by ideas of sameness and contrast. The projection is both in and out of sync – this compelling dichotomy serves as the core theme of the show.

Barriers dissolve in Yuen-Yeung – notions of parallels and opposites are revealed through the range artists featured – including Toyin Oji Odutola, Etel Adnan, Hernan Bas, Walter Price, and more. In the gallery, visitors will find works by artists from Asia, Europe and the United States that encompass different moments in contemporary art and lead them to experience the apparent paradoxes and affinities.

Yuen-Yeung is testament to Art-Bureau’s work collaborating with artists, collectors, gallerists and curators. André Fu Studio has been enlisted to create the exhibition space – the installation seeks to capture the juxtaposition of forms and geometries. Hong Kong’s Thirty30 Creative has also been enlisted to design the show’s graphics and visuals. Echoing the dual aspect of Art- Bureau and combining notions of communal space and communities, the show will also introduce Beecher Residency - a Marcel Breuer designed artist residency in Connecticut, USA. Co-founded by Ed Tang, it aims to support and highlight emerging talent from diverse backgrounds. Case in point - included in the show is a work by Liza Lacroix, a Canadian artist and recent Hunter MFA graduate, who was also a Beecher resident this past summer.

The electric mix of Yuen-Yeung is a reflection of Art-Bureau’s DNA, as well as who Ed Tang and Jonathan Cheung are as individuals and collectors. It is the hope that against the backdrop of the exhibition, opportunities will arise to connect with local audience, collectors, artists and curators alike, and to find new ways to communicate and collaborate.

By blending different media and including artists both long-admired and recently discovered, Yuen-Yeung is about combining voices and sharing – and ultimately revealing the ever-shifting swirl of 21st century.