Every two years, the state capital awards the "Prize for the Promotion of Mainz Visual Artists", which is endowed with 5,000 euros and was established in 1962 to mark the city's 2000th anniversary. The artists nominated by the city's Advisory Board for Fine Arts give an insight into their artistic work in a group exhibition at the Landesmuseum Mainz. During the duration of the exhibition, a jury will decide who will receive the prize.

The candidates for the 32nd award of the sponsorship prize are:

Laetitia Eskens
Aneta Kajzer
Theresa Lawrenz
Danijel Sijakovic

The 2024 jury includes representatives of the city council factions and the city's Advisory Board for Visual Arts and two external art experts. This year, Dr Astrid Ihle (Ludwigshafen) and Dr León Krempel (Darmstadt) have been invited to take part. The chairwoman of the jury is Head of Cultural Affairs Marianne Grosse.