The starting point for the exhibition Dissonance - Platform Germany (2) is a publication with the same title, which presents a variety of approaches to contemporary painting. Compiled by curators Christoph Tannert and Mark Gisbourne, it provides an overview of the different artistic practices and strategies that have emerged in Germany over the past three decades. International artists born after 1972 who live and work in Germany have been selected for the show.

In simple terms, it can be said that the antagonism between abstraction and figuration in painting, which has been a subject of debate since the post-war period, has given way to an extreme plurality of expressions and themes, at least since the upheavals of 1989 to the present day. It is not so much a typological way of thinking that classifies artists into different styles and schools, but the fact that today's expanded field of painting is characterized by heterogeneity and the assertion of self and identity. At the same time, social reality is undergoing a variety of changes towards a culture of the post-migrant. Dissonance - Platform Germany (2) traces the moments of transition in which several seemingly incompatible perceptions have begun to converge.

After its presentation at the Stadtgalerie Kiel, the exhibition curated by Christoph Tannert (artistic director of K├╝nstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin) will be shown at the National Museum Bucharest.