Silent Stories
New Acquisitions and Donations

Paintings and drawings want to tell stories, but they can also remain silent. Art seeks its path, and its dynamism, between the invention and dissolution of form. The poet Mallarmé said, “After I had found nothing, I found beauty.” Others find fulfilment in the meticulous registration of the real, up to and including the horror vacui. Be it between the two poles of working hard on the real or escaping from it, there are countless nuances in the visual exploration of the world.

A remix of formal idioms and styles, comic-like narrative structures, dialogues with the material, new interpretations or new stagings of pictorial types, plus the breakout into the third dimension, are features of many of the works, which also include select photographs, sculptures and media art.

The current exhibition focuses on stances in contemporary art of the past twenty years. The works are from the collection of the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz and are presented in dialogue with one another. Many were donated by collectors and artists, others were acquired in the context of exhibitions. In times of non-existent purchasing budgets, it is scarcely possible anymore to collect art systematically. Nevertheless, the exhibition outlines important approaches in art today.

An exhibition of works by:
Wolfgang Bier, Guillermo Caivano, Markus Draper, Marcel van Eeden, John Finneran, Anna Genger, Sebastian Gögel, Eberhard Havekost, Ingrid Hartlieb, Olaf Holzapfel, Ion-Ilarion Isailia, David R. L. Jones, Aneta Kajzer, Cristina Lucas, Britta Lumer, M+M, Gerhard Merz, Victoria Morton, Markus Oehlen, Ilias Papailiakis, Olaf Rauh, David Renggli, Wilhelm Sasnal, Jan Scharrelmann, David Schnell, Sophie Schmidt, Luc Tymans, Stefan Vogel, Wim Wenders, Thomas Zipp