Ceramic as material of contemporary art

The aim of the 29th International Symposium of Ceramics in Bechyně is to explore media overlaps and possibilities of ceramics within contemporary art. Emphasis is placed on leaving the set boundaries of the field while maintaining respect for the nature and specificity of the material. The intention is to present artistic approaches based on the internal logic of the material and reflecting its cultural and historical contexts. At the same, those approaches can and should be self-critical to their own artistic medium.

Kristýna Péčová will curate the next symposium, under the supervision of director Eva Pelechová. Selecting participants for this year's symposium were Veronika Rollová (curator of edition 2018), Emma Hanzlíková, Jan Mergl, Milan Mikuláštík and Gabriel Vach.

Salvatore Arancio (IT, FR), Marco Chiandetti (IT, UK), Ivana Králíková (CZ, SW), Nao Matsunaga (JAP, UK), Jimena Mendoza (MEX, CZ), Barbora Dayef (CZ).