He says he dreams of crafting a whale out of marble. He also has in mind ‘a life-sized owl made from shells like the ones in the souvenir shops around Arcachon Bay – but much more beautiful!’. He has already created a bear from logs, a mammoth from recycled cardboard and an elephant’s trunk from rope.

In an age dominated by new technologies, the fact that a contemporary artist looks to materials as basic as wood or paper may come as a surprise. Laurent Le Deunff lets the materials be his guide. It is the material which inspires him, which suggests the shape. This sense of harmony between medium and images helps him avoid the tendency to be overly illustrative and gives each of his sculptures a specific identity, which sets them apart. They will certaintly have a strange yet familiar presence under the roof of La Croisée and the the Saint-Jean d’Orbestier Abbey.

Curator: Philippe Piguet.