Deployed for the first time in a transversal way on the two art centers, the MO.CO. and the MO.CO. Panacée, the Immortelle exhibition offers a new and ambitious panorama of young French figurative painting.

Bringing together more than 400 works by 122 artists, this historic event offers a committed reading of two decades of French painting.

Commissariat général : Numa Hambursin, directeur général MO.CO.
Co-commissaire : Anya Harrison, curator MO.CO.

Artists list includes: BAILLY-BORG Carlotta, BARBERAT Rose, BARCELÓ Marcella, BLANC Mireille, CAILLE David, CANESSON Corentin, CAPRON Hugo, CHÉN Xuteng, CLARACQ Jean, CZERMAK ICHTI Neïla, DAL-PRA Diane, DI FOLCO Inès, FLORA Alison, GARCIA-KARRAS Laura, HADDAD Miryam, HAMDAD Bilal, HASCOËT Charles, HERBELIN Nathanaëlle, LEFEBVRE Oscar, MARQUE BOUARET Mathilda, MARTIN Simon, MIRABEL Johanna, RICCIARDI Pacôme, RIVRAIN Cédric, SAFA Christine, SANCHEZ Milène, SARTOR Louise, SHATBERASHVILI Elené, SIVERTSEN Johannes, SOKOL Apolonia, VAGUELSY Gaétan, VENTURA Romain, YASMINEH Rayan.