Born in 1985, the painter Amélie Bertrand immediately gained recognition on her graduation from the School of Fine Arts in Marseille. She creates artificial spaces that seem far from any recognizable time or place, but which nevertheless feel somehow familiar to the viewer. The artist willingly admits her taste for the false. She combines festive imagery (brightly colored elements such as flashy night-club signs, swimming pools, palm trees and sunsets) with various other fantasies: chains hanging like charm bracelets (Charms) or water lilies seemingly floating in the air, all painted in her own palette of psychedelic colors.

Although the perfectly sleek and regular images she creates might seem to be digitally produced, this is not the case. Amélie Bertrand paints clinical and singular scenes that are reminiscent of her native French Riviera, and which allow the spectator to grasp the essential in a single glance, although her artistic process is rigorously complex. At a time when our online habits are disrupting the production and dissemination of works of art, Amélie Bertrand has made this sphere her very own with her obstinately visual work.

Following her joint exhibition with Françoise Pétrovitch in Avignon and her shows at Another Place in New York and the SB34 in Brussels in 2022, Amélie Bertrand presents a wholly new ensemble of works at the Matmut Centre d’Art Contemporain – Daniel Havis, that form a dreamlike setting for a pictorial promenade.