Abraham Poincheval is one of the most important performers of his generation. Whether carried out in itinerancy or in confinement, his radical performances are envisaged as a total commitment of a body put to the test of a limited time and space, through which rests again both the architectural and philosophical question of inhabiting it.

For this exhibition entitled “A liquid continent”, the artist takes us this time on an oceanic expedition in preparation. Abraham Poincheval has been planning for several years to experiment with a liquid relationship to the world and the territory by crossing the Atlantic in a theater boat, accompanied by puppets of tutelary figures and characters who feed the imagination around this project (Marcel Duchamp, SpongeBob, Gaston Bachelard or Carrie S. Steittheimer). This is the latest addition to a continuous research process that began at the start of his career, nourished by encounters and each of his lived experiences.

The artist will present a set of works (watercolours, model-sculpture). The exhibition resonates this gestational and evolutionary process with previous performances by the artist (Ours, 2013; L'Homme Lion, 2018; Le chevalier errant, l'homme sans ici, 2018-2022 or even more recently Saint Barthélemy, 2023), to which the set of works presented echoes and gives substance.

Gilles Rion
responsable des expositions du Domaine de Chamarande