Incubator is pleased to present "Five by Five”, a group exhibition showcasing the work of five established artists working in the UK, each paired with an emerging artist selected by them. 

The pairings include Maggi Hambling & Jelly Green, Mona Hatoum & Tamara Al-Mashouk, Georgie Hopton & Alice McCabe, Abigail Lane & Rebecca Hancock and Ingrid Pollard & Matthew Arthur Williams. Reflecting the ethos of Incubator’s solo show programme, these ten artists explore a diverse range of themes through painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation. The kinetic energy that emerges from these pairings ignites by way of their distinctness. If understood as a delicate duet, the liminal space between each artist belies an unspoken dialogue that reveals the harmonious fusion of contrasting perspectives and methodologies. 

Mona Hatoum and Tamara Al-Mashouk’s installations share a poetic exploration of political discourse and global narratives, while Abigail Lane and Rebecca Hancock orchestrate a mesmerising conversation between form and movement. Maggi Hambling and Jelly Green’s paintings explore the energetic dichotomy of water and fire, while Georgie Hopton and Alice McCabe delve into the regenerative qualities of nature. Ingrid Pollard's cyanotype photography converges with Matthew Arthur Williams' depiction of human forms and landscape, creating a poignant connection between past and present, flesh and earth.

In this exhibition, the artists' works transcend individual narratives, creating a collective symphony. “Five by Five” becomes a testament to the power of intergenerational collaboration and mentorship, where a range of overlapping themes and materials among these pairings give rise to a rich and nuanced artistic tapestry that becomes representative of the broad landscape of contemporary art currently being made in the UK.